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Annette Hilbrecht … was born in 1955 in Simbach/Inn, Germany.
Graduated from the German School Athens in 1974.


2000 …       since then, Annette Hilbrecht lives and works in Berlin,
             Germany and Western Mani, Peloponnese, Greece.

1991         A resident of Berlin, Germany, again.

1987-1991    residency in San Francisco, CA

1986         Received a grant by the “Chicago Arts Institute” for the MA Program

1984-85      She received a grant and went to study at the

            “New York Studio School” in NYC

1984         appointment to “Meisterschüler of Prof.Tajiri”

1978-1984    Educational and practical training as a sculptor at the
            “Hochschule der Künste”, Berlin


extra activities


Aside from being a sculptor …

… she has worked as a Faux Finish Artist in San Francisco, California.

… she has been involved in a three year project in a secondary school in Berlin,
called “KidS”(Kreativität in die Schule) and creates customized doors and gates.

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